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How I Learned the Hard Way – Carrier Oil Quality DOES Matter!

How I Learned the Hard Way - Quality DOES Matter! (SM).jpg

How I Learned the Hard Way - Quality DOES Matter!

One weekend when I was mixing up some pain blends for my personal back pain roller-bottles, I ran out of carrier oil. Instead of ordering from my usual source online, which would have taken at least a few days to arrive, I decided to go to my local natural grocery store to see if they had what I needed.

After browsing for a bit, I found I was in luck! Next to the olive oil, there were bottles of Grapeseed Oil. I grabbed a couple of bottles and headed to the checkout. I went home and continued mixing up my pain blends. I was having a bad flare of Fibromyalgia pain on my upper back and neck, so I was using my topical pain blends daily – several times a day. Shortly after, I noticed that I was breaking out severely on my back (something that had never been a problem prior). That was somewhere that I had never broken out previously, but it was during a stressful time, so I attributed the additional breakouts to that. After a few weeks of the breakouts not clearing at all, only worsening…I began to wonder what could be the cause of my sudden breakouts on my back. I realized it was on the areas that I most frequently applied my pain blends. I had never had this problem before, so it made me curious if it was the new carrier oil I had purchased, or if something else was the root of the problem.

I decided to test my theory, and purchased a bottle of my usual carrier oil from Plant Therapy. I used the same pain blends, but exchanged the carrier oil out with the new Grapeseed Oil I had received in the mail. After continually using the pain blends made with the Sweet Almond carrier oil I purchased online from Plant Therapy, I realized my back breakouts were beginning to clear.

Finally, I put two and two together. I figured out that it was the new Grapeseed Oil that I had purchased at a local health food store that was causing my sudden and severe breakouts. As a newbie to essential oils, I had mistakenly purchased Grapeseed cooking oil, which isn’t what you want to use in your natural body products….for obvious reasons! Be sure to purchase good quality carrier oils and 100% pure essential oils to use in your blends. Your safety and the quality of your products depeneds on it!

If Sweet Almond oil isn’t your thing, Plant Therapy offers a wide variety of carrier oils that are available in several different sizes. I have provided links for you to a few of my favorite carrier oils, simply click on the images below.


If you are new to aromatherapy, and unsure of which essential oils to start out with, check out my blog article “6 Versatile Essential Oils for Beginners” to get an idea of some good essential oils for beginners to start out with! As always, if you still have questions, feel free to reach out to me!