Essential Oil Safety


This page is dedicated to promoting the safe use of essential oils. It is geared more for the essential oil “beginner;” as I believe it is important for everyone to have access to basic essential oil safety information (without having to spend endless hours searching site after site on Google, unsure if the information provided is even correct).

There is valuable information regarding many topics on this page; however, this is not all inclusive & I strongly encourage you to dig in and do your own research in regards to Aromatherapy and safe essential oil use. Remember, always fact check your sources… Better to be safe, than sorry!

Safety Page Contents

  1. Why Essential Oil Safety is Crucial
  2. What Factors Affect the Safety of Essential Oils?
  3. Shelf Life & Proper Storage
  4. Essential Oils to Avoid
  5. Essential oils that require caution
  6. Topical Application of Essential Oils
    • Neat application
    • Photosensitization
    • Carrier oils
    • Using essential oils in the bath
  7. Properly Diluting Essential Oils
    • Essential oils with a topical max
    • Dilution ratios for babies & children
    • Adult dilution ratios
    • Special considerations
  8. Inhalation
    • Diffusing essential oils at home
    • Diffusing essential oils in public areas
    • Personal aromatherapy inhalers
    • Signs of over-inhalation
  9. Essential Oil Ingestion & Internal Use
    • The hazards of ingesting essential oils
    • Who is properly trained and qualified to recommend ingesting essential oils?
  10. First Aid for Essential Oil Adverse Reactions
    • Adverse Skin Reactions
    • Inhalation
    • Eye contact
    • Ingestion
  11. Essential Oil Safety During Pregnancy, Labor & Breastfeeding
    • Essential oils to avoid
    • Essential oils for common ailments during pregnancy
    • Essential oils that are ok if used properly
  12. Babies, Children & Essential Oils
    • Hydrosols – the safer alternative for babies
    • Dilution percentages
    • Essential oils to avoid
    • Best essential oils for kids
  13. Resources

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