Aromatherapist Bio

Emily Wondra

A NAHA Certified Level 1 Aromatherapist, Emily has spent the past ten years working with and studying essential oils.

She is passionate about Aromatherapy and essential oil safety. Emily uses a holistic approach to aromatherapy to improve clients’ overall health and wellness.

Emily Wondra,
NAHA Certified Level 1 Aromatherapist

Is a Minnesota-based Aromatherapist and the owner of Essential Aromas Wellness. She created her business and this webpage, to educate others on safe and effective essential oil use.

Emily has years of hands-on experience working with essential oils and continues to take advantage of educational opportunities to deepen her knowledge and understanding of essential oils and Aromatherapy.

She thoroughly enjoys getting to know her clients and working with them to formulate aromatic products that are safe, beneficial and unique to each individuals’ needs.


Holistic Aromatherapy Wellness Consultations

Custom Essential Oil Blending

Essential Oil Safety Education

Aromatherapy Products


Level 1 Aromatherapy Certification
(February 16th, 2019)
Emily completed her level 1 Aromatherapy certification at the New York Institute for Aromatic Studies. She is currently taking her level 2 certification courses.

Anatomy & Physiology
(September 9th, 2020)
A thorough understanding of how the body works is beneficial for creating effective aromatherapy blends.

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Essential Oil Safety Masterclass
(June 4th, 2020)
Emily completed this course through the Tisserand Institute to gain a more in-depth knowledge of essential oil safety.

Essential Oil for Healthy Skin
(October 5th, 2020)
Emily completed this course through the Tisserand Institute to formulate more effective aromatic skin products.