Essential Oil & Aromatherapy Supplies

Essential Oil Diffusers

Stadler Form Jasmine essential oil diffuser 

This diffuser comes in several colors to fit your tastes. I love the intermittent diffusing feature of this diffuser, it is also very quiet while running. I have owned my Jasmine diffuser for many years now and it continues to perform well.

Stadler Form essential oil diffuser

Essential Oil Storage

Soothing Wellness Essentials 104-count essential oil organizer 

I have tried several different types of essential oil organizers, this is by far my favorite! I love that it keeps my essential oil bottles vertical during storage, so there are never any leaks & it is easy to find the essential oil or blend you are looking for. The extra pockets are nice for storing labels, pipettes, roller bottle key etc. This type of case is available in several different sizes. This case also came with some bonuses: 192 bottle-top stickers, 3 mini-funnels, 15 pipettes & 2 roller bottle openers.


Mosaic Wood Storage Box Designed for Roll On Essential Oil Aromatherapy Bottles

This wooden box from River Tree Life is not only beautiful, but very well made. It stores 24 roll-on bottles in the upright position, so you can quickly & easily find the blend you are looking for.


Celtic Design Wood Storage Box for 15ml Essential Oil Bottles

Another beautiful option for storing your essential oil bottles; this wooden storage box from Rivertree Life holds (24) 15ml and smaller essential oil bottles.


Aromatherapy Supplies


These are perfect for getting small quantities of essential oil out of the bottle & can be helpful when trying to extract more viscous/thick essential oils.

Roller-ball tool

This tool makes it a little bit easier to get the roller-ball top off of your bottles.

Glass Stir Rods

These glass stirring rods are perfect for mixing your essential oil blends and creations.